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Priming the Guard


Work and other projects have kept me busy but today I finally had a chance to begin some painting of the Napoleonic Middle Imperial Guard from Victrix I purchased a while ago.

Priming in the cold winter here in NH can be tricky without a garage or a home made spray booth.  On the last army I painted, I experimented with Gesso and had wonderful results.

Golden Gesso

Golden Brand Gesso

Freshly Primed with Gesso

Freshly Primed with Gesso

I did a quick search online and found this great article from ‘A League of Ordinary Gentleman‘ which sums up everything better than I ever could on using it.

I will put out there that the Gesso goes on thick and looks like you made a horrible mistake, but as it dries, it shrinks to fill in the details.  I’ll post a photo in the end of it ‘dry’ so you can see the results.  The Golden brand Gesso I found at our local A.C. Moore.  It applied very well and seemingly pretty even.  There are a couple of spots that I can see that may be a bit thin but as I touch up the primer after the assembly, I will make sure to hit these areas.

While I’m priming I am also going to do up some British infantry for Bolt Action which have been sitting for some time now as well.

On another side note, this is the first time that I am going to prime the sprue, assemble, and then I am sure add a bit more primer.  I will let you all know how it goes from there.

In the meantime however, I am beginning to look at the clock and am realizing that I am running short on time for this project to get done by Huzzah in May. I think I should buy a canon or two in the meantime.

[Note: as of the end of the evening I was only able to get two of the body sprues completed – it does take longer to paint, but to me it seems worth the extra wait.]

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