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The Mustering of a Grand Armeè


I took another trip to Adler  and ran into a font of knowledge on the subject of Napoleonic Wargaming.

After looking at several of the boxes of figures in stock, it was suggested that the box of Napoleon’s Middle Imperial Guard by Victrix would be a great and versatile purchase.

These models can represent several troops including what I’ll be using them for, Legeree in Greatcoats.

What will be great with these is that it will allow some flexibility in painting as there greatcoats at the time were not a standard issue color but instead grays, browns, greens and of course the occasional blue. It also seems as if their pants can be of varied colors as well creating a unique look to the force.

This box will allow me to create 3 battalions of infantry (at 16 models each) as well as one battalion of skirmishers (at 8 models.) With 4 figures remaining, a second box of these would actually allow for 4 more battalions should I ever need them (or more likely, 3 and 2 more skirmishers.)

I have a few more notes as far as colors and composition but I am going to leave this post off with the following.

It has been some time since I have painted a complete army, especially rank and file, and I have heard there are people who paint while the plastic is still on the sprue. I have never tried this before so I looked to the local community for advice.

Resoundingly everyone chimed back that they’d never paint that way and that the amount of touch up work is mote aggravation.

Then as I was about to thank everyone for their comments, a lone sole spoke up and could not understate the importance of priming the whole sprue first. It eliminates areas that are hard to reach once they are assembled and he even said that for the most part you wouldn’t have to worry about areas cut off during assembly as you’ll be painting over them anyways.

What I normally do is prime on sprues. Than drybrush or even base coated. Than assemble, that way I know I didn’t miss anything that needed to be painted. 🙂 – Robin

So there in lies the next step. Priming.

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  1. 02/01/2014 5:06 pm

    Hiya Dan, did you look at the Perry box sets, from memory they fit in with Victrix. Priming on the sprue, yeah I do that too.



    • dan1066 permalink*
      02/01/2014 6:07 pm

      I did not look well enough to compare but next time I am over at the store I will see if I can take a photo iof the sprue

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