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Starting a Napoleonic Army


I have been interested for some time in Napoleonic war-gaming and finally the time has come to jump in and have a go at it.

Where to start?
The first step was to talk with some local players and what better place to do this than Adler Hobbies on the last Saturday of the Month for their ‘Nappy Saturday’ event.  After attending a couple of these now, I have gathered some valuable advise.

Battle of Waterloo 1815

In talking with Gordon, it seems that the local groups primarily plays either ‘Black Powder‘ by Warlord Games or ‘Tremble Ye Tyrants‘ by Ruga-Ruga Publications.

I’ve played a few games of Black Powder now both at conventions and now locally and I have to say I like the system a lot.  It reminds me of Warmaster (and with good reason.) This system also covers a broad time period including the Rev War (which is another genre I’d love to play more of but we will save that for later – ‘Muskets and Tomahawks‘.)

The next piece of information discovered is the composition of the Brigade as decided by the local community and thusly, how many figures I will need to start this little endeavor.  To break it down, the Brigade is made up of the following.

Three units of infantry at 4 bases each. Each base has 4 models.  Normally in Black Powder this is considered a small unit but local convention defines this as regular sized. 6 stands of infantry becomes a large unit.

One unit of Calvary also at 4 bases of two models each.

Two bases of Canon and crew.

Lastly three leaders – two lessor and one General.

One reason for the modification to the regiment size is cost efficiency allowing a person to have to buy only one box of foot troops to get started with the army.

Choosing an Army
Usually one has in mind what army they might like to play.

In the past I played an army of Nurgle in Warhammer. They had very cool models and I enjoyed their background. In Flames of War and Bolt Action I play Canadian Forces mainly because I have friends there and at the time, it was something a bit different. For Impetus, I chose one of the Grecian successor states for no real reason other than they had pike armed soldiers (and those that know me know that the look of pike armed troops is what got me I to war-gaming in the first place.) Then there is always the Tau for 40k. I love the look but I can probably count the number of wins over the years on two hands.

So where does that bring us?
Well, I’m not all too sure…

On the fluff side of things, my ancestors were Hungarian on one side and English on the other. I’ve been told that the Austro-Hungarian armies are horde like and well, that’s not my thing. I already have a British force for WW2 gaming so I think I will stay clear of that.

Looking at the models however, the French have some ‘Old Guard’ (and middle and young, etc) that look fantastic in their trench coats and while these troops are elite, I know there is room for some fudge factor with the local group (as well as giving me a reason to buy some other models too.)

The only other possibility might come from the Germans (I think,) as it was explained to me that they had different states with different uniforms allowing for some added creativity.

Lastly in talking, it seems as if there is a lack of French players in the area so I think, with no real reason, that I shall begin my Grand Armée soon.

On a side note – it looks like the big Napoleon game at Huzzah this year will be ‘The Battle of Paris’ so I may now have a goal for completion.

The next step seems to be – buying some figures… Until then…

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  1. 01/10/2014 11:09 am

    Cant wait to see were this takes you Dan its pretty exciting gaming in this era, -G

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