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Action… Bolt Action…


Well as you can see it had been some time.  I have been incredibly busy over the last year with work (in a good way,) and I have made a little time out of my week to start up some miniatures again.

Since last I wrote, Warlord Games released a great 25mm game of World War Two combat called Bolt Action which seems to be picking up some steam here in the neighborhood.


The sprue diagram for the Late War British

I have played a couple of small battles now (500 pts,) using some proxy models and though we’ve done a couple of things wrong we’re learning along the way.

To compliment my Flames of War army, I am again going to go with a Canadian force. I contemplated going a different direction but the force book for the Brittish Commonwealth has just been released and they allow you to choose a National Characteristic for your army… I.e. special rule. And those that know me know that I love being able to customize things like that.

The game itself has a few new concepts in it compaired to games I’ve played in the past. The major being the unit activation. Bolt Action moved away from the I go / You go that most other games I can think of use. Instead, you put a token in a cup / bag for each unit in the game and you randomly draw to see who can activate next.


The reverse side if the diagram

At first I wasn’t too sure as I have played a few other wargames like this, mostly hex and chit, but Sharpe Practice does something similar now that I think of it. But those games also add in an end of turn counter so it is possible that you might get a turn where nothing in your army activates. Not in Bolt Action though. This keeps both players on the edge of their seats awaiting the next order. Yes, you might get a run of units but that just means inevitably your opponent will as well.

This game doesn’t have too many charts and its less likeley to break down a Brit rifle vs a German one. The weapons are pretty generic, as are the troops and vehicles when you get down to it. I like this. For me I have not liked having to know not only my army book, but then my opponents slew of unique rules as well (which my ignorance burned me in a tournament once as I came to find out that a rule an opponent used was not really there…)

I digress though…

The models that they produce look pretty decent and there are a whole slew of other manufactueres out there making models too which I may look at for my command and special models.

All and all I think this game is going to be a great bump back into the hobby. There is another game out there called Saga… A Viking / Dark Ages skirmish game I am looking at but next up… I am going to try to sell a couple of my old 40k armies to make room for some Canadians.

– Dan-O

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