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Basic Impetus and The army of Eumenes

The (unpainted) Army of Eumenes

The (unpainted) Army of Eumenes

So as some of you know, Chris and I are entering into the Basic Impetus Ancients tournament at Huzzah in Portland Maine this year and in doing so… well, we both need an army.  Oh, and this tournament is three weeks away so I better get cracking on painting, basing and most importantly… Learning the game.

I have chosen (at the moment,) to go with the Army of Eumenes from Volume 3.  One of the main reasons is the pikemen.  Very few armies in the game (in this time period – I don’t know about later in life,) have this many pikemen.  The thought and look of them poking up and out is one thing that got me interested in wargames in the first place.  I am contemplating one other list, but I will look into that after a live playtest or two.


Nr Type M VBU I VD Notes
1 CP(*) 10 6 4 3 Xystophoroi
1 CM 10 4 1 2
1 FP(*) 5 5 1 3 Argyraspids – pikes
3 FP 5 4 1 2 Phalangites – pikes
1 FL 8 4 1 2
2 S 8 2 0 1 short bow B or sling

Special rule. Argyraspids can form Large Units with other Phalangites.

Chris incidentally is making a Pict army and perhaps sometime down the road I’ll have to create a Roman army as an adversary.

So the first step was to find miniatures and I have chosen the 1/72 scale HaT miniatures.  They are inexpensive and look nice and the scale looks great on the table.

Below are some closer photos of each of the units (Except the Medium Cavalry is missing for some reason… hrmmm…)


And Finally… The first four of seventy-two painted. Not my best work but it’ll do.  I created a black wash to help speed the process and I do think I should get a different ‘brass’ as I am really not liking this one.  Vallejo makes one with smaller pigment that I think would look better.


Well – soon I need to get back to the painting table.  More to come soon…

~ Dan-O

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