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Havoc and I


– or is it Havoc and Me? –

Well, I officially submitted my request to run a game at Havoc this year (Apr 1-3, 2011).  It’s for a WW2 Air game I’ve mentioned before called Sturmovik Commander.

The Rookies Earn Their Wings
“Listen up Rookies. Do you see that captured Japanese ship over there? It’s our job to look over it and make sure nothing happens but first, get up on the flight deck and I want you all to show me what you’ve got!” – This ‘What If’ introduction to the game Sturmovik Commander ( will take the pilots through the ropes as they learn to maneuver and shoot the F4F Wildcat somewhere over the Pacific, but what could possibly happen when their training ends?

So yeah – there we are.  I’ve requested Saturday Night partly cause there’s not much going on that I see on the schedule, and partly cause there’s a couple of things I want to play in the other time slots.

The To Do list – Playtest, Paint, Playtest, build, Playtest, and hope that the event gets chosen…  and Playtest among a few other things.

~ Dan-O

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