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Quick Update


Not much to report on – well in actuality there is, but we were all feeling pretty lazy.

I was able to get in a couple of Flames of War games in.  One against Chris and Two against Alex.  Two of the games we tried to play 1000 point small forces (restricted to one combat platoon each,) on a small 4×3 table.  It was a format I saw on another site and quite frankly it didn’t really work for us.  The units were too packed in to really be able to do much.  In the end though the Canadian’s were victorious against the hordes of Chris’s Russians but lost to the might of the German onslaught.

Our third game was  a larger game that ended in a draw however we ran out of time and I truly think that the Canadian’s would not have held out.

Lastly, I was able to prime a few of the M10’s with the Black Gesso – an amazing product which I’ll be touching on soon.

~ Dan-O

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