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Colonial GT Diary- Practice Game 1 vs Paul Gates-Dark Elves


So for my first game I head to Somerville to play one of the members of my Warhammer club,  in the first of my 10 practice games for the Colonial GT.  Paul is an excellent player, now building one of (if not THE) best all around army in Warhammer, Dark Elves. They have it all in their army list. Great shooting, magic, combat units plus fun things like huge monsters and bikini chicks with knives. His list, from what I remember was:

Dark Elf lord on pegasus; 1+ save, Stubborn Crown, Pendant of Khaleth, Soulrender

Lvl 4 Sorceress, with Lore of Shadow, Sacrifical Dagger, and Lifetaker (magic crossbow)

Lvl 1 Sorceress, with Lore of Fire

Hag BSB with a Cauldron of Blood

7 Dark Riders with crossbows

2 units of crossbowen, 1 20 and 2 10 stong all with shields

25 Spearmen with command

2 units of 5 Harpies

20 Black Guard with armor piercing banner

5 Cold One Knights with Flaming Banner

2 units of 5 Shades with Crossbows

War Hydra

So an army with 117 shots a turn, an unkillable, nearly unbreakable, general and two of the best close combat units in the game with Black Guard and the War Hydra, Paul won easily. Rather than describe all the horror of the game it might be better to have you watch the Passion of the Christ, that gives a rough idea of the pain my warriors felt. I basically just put stuff down on the table and saw how things went, not good but it taught me some good lessons.

So things I’ve learned and changes I may make to my list:

1. Sorcerers need a bunker to hide in that will not be in combat and protect them from shooting. I’m thinking of dropping the Warrior units down to 15 and dropping the hounds, using those points to buy a Marauder unit and sticking them in there. We’ll see.

2. Having a small army that spreads out across the table against something with this much shooting and redirecting units is just foolish. I’m planning for next game is picking one half of the table and putting everything there to give my opponent more threats than they can deal with in a small space quickly. Then when/if that half is done, I can swing over and deal with the other half. With this in mind, I may have some adjustments to some magic banners. I’m thinking swapping out the War Banner for the Rapturous Standard to make a good anvil unit that can protect my exposed flank which should be towards the middle of the table.

3. As of now, I don’t have anything to deal with small redirecting units. With no shooting and no magic missiles in the army at all, I didn’t have anything to deal with the Shades, Dark Riders, or Harpies except with combat. The Slaanesh hero did great in taking out a unit of Shades and the Cold One knights by himself, but it’s not enough. The Warshrine excels against these units but is too slow to be a major threat and can be avoided easily. I may have to adjust the Nurgle/Shadow lore combo idea to deal with this.

But, onto the positives! The Slaanesh Hero did great, I made him to deal with small skirmish units, mainly Flamers found in deamon armies, and any unit with a flaming banner since he has a 2+ ward save against flaming attacks. Thankfully Paul’s Cold One Knights had it so he ended up killing them despite being charged from the rear while fighting the Shades. 🙂

The Warshrine did about as best as it has done in several games. None of it’s buffs were a waste, and it took out a unit of Shades quite easily. With it’s Toughness of 6 and 3+ ward save, I’d like to use it more as a tarpit. But, against anything with a static combat res of 3 or more, it’ll just break from combat. 5 Strength 4 attacks only go so far.

And finally, if I ever want to play Dark Elves, I know which army list to build. lol

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