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Colonial GT Diary- Intro


So I thought I would decided to do a diary/log of sorts for my planning and results of the Warhammer fantasy grant tournament I’m going to in April called Colonial, . It’s a 2500 pt tournament and I’m going to be bringing my Warriors of Chaos army for their last major tournament. I’ve been playing them straight for about the last couple years and a change is needed, but that can be for another entry.  So with 8th edition released over the summer thoughts were that the tournament scene might be shaken up with other top armies being able to take out the big four of 7th ed (Dark Elves, Vampire Counts, Deamons, and Lizardmen) and things haven’t really changed, though you could argue that Skaven are up there as well. So I’m trying to keep these armies in mind when designing my list to try and deal with these armies. Also, I want to get 10 practice games before the GT and my army list is going to morph and change in seeing how things go what weaknesses I see with my list.

So the current idea for my army list is the following:

Level 4 Sorcerer of Nurgle, 4+ ward, Tzeentch’s Blood (one casting reroll/turn can’t reroll 1s)

Level 2 Sorcerer, Lore of Shadow, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar

Exalted Hero of Tzeentch, Battle Standard, Armour of Destiny (3+ ward with Mark), Great Weapon, Barded Steed

Exalted Hero of Slaanesh on Steed of Slaanesh, Sword of Battle (+1 Attack), Dragonhelm (2+ ward vs Flaming attacks)

2 units of 18 Warriors of Tzeentch with Shields and Full Command, one with War Banner, one with Banner of Rage

5 Chaos Hounds

5 Marauder Horsemen with Throwing Axes and Musician

5 Knights of Tzeentch with Standard and Musician, with Blasted Standard (4+ ward vs. shooting)

5 Knights of Khorne with Standard and Musician, with Flaming Banner

Warshrine of Tzeentch

Now I realize this list is faaaar from optimal. Financially, I can’t buy alot of things I would like to really make the list how I would, so I have to use what I already have purchased. The idea for the Nurgle/Shadow decks are mainly that I like the buffing/debuffing units and also Curse of the Leper. That spell combined with Shadow lore’s Strength and Toughness debuff can delete entire units. First, the Shadow sorcerer debuffs a unit down to either Strength or Toughness of 1, then the Nurgle Sorcerer casts Curse of the Leper on them. Curse reduces the Strength and Toughness down by one, and if either of those stats drop to 0, the model dies with no save at all. It’s very tough to pull off, and I’ve yet to do so but the one time it happens it’ll be great.

Sadly this army, and Warriors of Chaos in general, are very one dimensional (run up and smash) and I look forward to making a new army that is much more balanced, but that’s not for now.

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