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Lego’s and Gaming?


Original Idea on the left, Legos on the right.

Well Yeah!  So this weekends project on the paining bench was to base the 700th scale aircraft for the Sturmovik Commander game I am going to try and run at Havoc.  I was planing on the bases only recording the altitude of the planes but after a quick discussion with Duncan over at Dunc’s Blog he recommended Legos… Duh!

Duncan uses rare earth magnets to attach the planes (his are just a tad bit larger,) but on a test where I glued the plane to a small one spot (like what is on the base,) the plane popped right off and I thought it might cause trouble.  So now I have altitude and a simple dial at the bottom will help track speed.  Viola!  I’ll clean it all up a bit of course, and I plan on ordering / procuring a bunch of clear lego blocks as well.

Off to Burlington MA this week to the Lego Store to see what they have on their back wall.  Thanks Duncan!

~ Dan-O

p.s. – For more Lego Gaming, check out BrikWars – There is even a game of it running at Total Con this year.

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