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Cleaning and Building


Alex gave me a 1/144 Typhoon plastic model kit to assemble for use with my Flames of War Canadians.  I poped the kit out Saturday night, cleaned it up and lo and behold my Zap got old and was un-usable. So Sunday I hit up Hobby Emporium and bought some new stuff.  Instead of Zap-A-Gap though I purchased some ‘Bob Smith Industries, Insta Cure +’ and began assembly yesterday.

This stuff worked just as well as the Zap that I am used to, and the cap to it is a much nicer screw on cover with a small metal pin in it that looks like it will keep it much cleaner.  It was also a bit less expensive as well.

I have some M10’s from Battlefront to assemble now and I am looking forward to assuring that the glue works just as well on resin and metal.

I also began the arduous task of cleaning the Office / Craft Room / War Room today while Photoshop was automating some pretty heavy tasks on quite a few more files than I wish to touch up over the next few days.  The good news is though that the Airbrush is no longer among the missing.  Hurray!  Now only if Spring would arrive or my google search bar be filled with ‘DIY Spray Booth’.  Great, another project to add to the list.

~ Dan-O

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