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Flames of War – Hold the Line


So Alex and I have been playing a lot of Flames of War lately and have been having a good time.  Yesterday we played the Hold the line scenario.  I was attacking with a Canadian Armored Company while Alex defended with a German Infantry company (of some sort.)

The Canadians consisted of a 4 Sherman HQ with 2 Crusader AA tanks attached.

A Recce platoon of 3 Stuarts to take the lead and provide a bit of support.

2 Combat Platoons of 3 Shermans and a Firefly each as the main advance on the objectives.

A Motor Platoon and a Motorized Lorry Platoon to follow them up.

Artillery didn’t work to well for me in the last game so I decided to go with some AA trucks with Bofors on them.  The idea was that they would help soften up the infantry before the charge.

Lastly – Priority Air Support in the form of Typhoons to do what Typhoons do best.

The stage was set – a bridge over a river in yet another small town.  On the other side of the bank, one to either side were the objectives.  The Germans held this town and had set up some heavy rocket artillery behind it.  More Artillery held the hill to the left and some 88’s were on the hill to the right.  Infantry were dug in around the two objectives.

One platoon of Shermans rolled along the fields to the south while the other platoon rolled down the road straight into town. As we advanced towards the town, the Typhoons kept heads low.  The German artillery shot over the river leaving smoke trails from the rockets.  The South advance had reached the river and opened fire onto the artillery on the hill, severely damaging it’s firepower.  Everything seemed to be going well, all too well.

As the second combat platoon reached the bridge, a great position to launch an attack onto one of the objectives, Anti tank guns opened up an ambush, destroying the three tanks on the bridge blocking that attack route.  The other assault ran into difficulties of their own as they tried to cross the river.  Though they pushed hard, confusion forced them to fall back.  It was at this point that the German reinforcements began to show up in the form of two Jagerpanthers (I think,) followed by a bunch of infantry.

In the end the Canadians couldn’t take the town and were forced back.  Perhaps there is another way across the river.

So all of the photos above were from the end of the game.  You can see the line of tanks destroyed on the bridge and along the river.  it was chaos.

In retrospect, though the AA trucks wrecked havoc on the ambushing artillery – albeit late – I think I could have spent those points elsewhere.  I really should have advanced a bit faster, in fact I somehow forgot to move the shermans on the road during one turn.  The Motor Platoon along the right flank was pinned down for a good portion of the game – and although they could advance, that was all they had.

The left flank fared better I think but it was just not their day.  The Lorry platoon didn’t make it up in time to be of much help, also pinned down by arty fire.

Rules wise – we learned that Canadians get to re-roll failed morale checks for Pinning and Remounting Bailed Vehicles.  We also learned that infantry in Pinned Transports is useless.  The transports can still move but the passengers are still pinned.  (After checking the forums, they can also dismount but like all pinned troops can not advance closer to the enemy.)

So yeah, with that I still am not good at righting these things – practice, practice, practice – and the next battle will also be hold the line, but this time I’ll be defending.


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