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Watanic Bowmen 3d Shoot – Alex and Dan


We entered our first 3d shoot on the 16th at the Watanic Bowmen Club.  Our first experience was a fantastic one. Everyone was very friendly and very helpful.  It certainly helped also that we got there when things were winding down so we could take our time.  We were there probably about 3 hours.

The format of the shoot goes something like this.  There are 30 targets on a meandering trail through the woods.  Depending on your skill / equipment level, you shoot from one of 5 (?) distances.  Alex and I were shooting from the White Stake which was about 25 yds.

You get one shot at each target and the points are 5, 8, 10 and 11.  At the end of each 15 there is an additional target to shoot which you can use to replace the score on one target for that half.

So for those interested I’m sorry… but I’m not going to post our scores here.  Lets just say, we know what they were and there is plenty of room for improvement.

I will say though that for Dan it was Forest – 1 (I have a good gash on my leg,) and Dan – 3, as you’ll see by the photos below showing my arrows firmly lodged in something other than the target.   Alex on the other hand was Nature – 1.5 and Alex – 1.  One arrow was swallowed by the undergrowth while another is a few feet in a pond. (nothing a pair of waders can’t help.)


The Next shoot at Watanic is on Fathers Day weekend and I certainly think we will be there.

Some of the indigenous life here in NH


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