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Huzzah Con – Portland Maine


I had a wonderful time at Huzzah Con in Portland Maine –

It was well organized, had a lot to do, great swag, and a lot of vendors and sponsors. While there I got to lay in three different games.

First was Sharp Practice by Too Fat Lardies.
It is a large skirmish game (think 1500 points 40k??) It has a Fog of War element that did not bog the game down. It has ‘Big Heros’ – with special attributes ala Two Hour Wargames such as strong or valiant. (it looks like there is a ww2 version as well.) It has card driven activation, the deck has a card for each big hero in it, plus some others, and each will activate when the card is drawn.

Combat was simple – roll 1 die for each man firing – modify this set by all sorts of things from cover to leader attached, need a number to hit (based on the weapon and range) Opponent makes a ‘save’ for each hit – they might take a casualty or a suppression marker depending. If a leader is attached you have to roll a d10 to see if he was hit instead (on a 1?) When rolling to hit, if you roll more 1’s then 6’s then you get a special effect which could be a lot of things. I don’t really remember HtH but it was pretty easy too.

The Second game was Command Decision. This scenario was 1939 Ethiopia – something to do with the Italians attacking. The game may have been great but it was not taught properly and the scenario had all hidden setup for one side, which took them far too long to figure out. It was an hour and ten minutes after the ‘start’ before we moved our first piece. So anyway, system might have been cool, I liked the ‘command’ part – a lot like in Battlefleet Gothic with the dice, though these were hidden. Units seemed to be able to get very stretched out. I’ve never liked unit coherency but I can appreciate it now. Anyway, I left an hour early and went shopping (well looking.)

The Third game – Johnny Reb 3 – Civil War.

First off, this table was the most beautiful table I have ever played on. Hands down. The folks at Gettysburg Soldiers helped get this stuff together. Wow. The scenario was a what if scenario – During the Gettysburg Campaign, Maj. Gen. George Meade planned a defensive / fall back position along Pipe Creek in central Maryland. This scenario, from the GM’s Charge ACW gaming magazine, assumes that Meade never advanced from Maryland to Gettysburg. An aggressive Lee attacks. This scenario is Heth’s and Pender’s division’s attack on part of the Union I Corps near Uniontown.

The scenario was well balanced and the game, very easy to learn. Had a command element to it and my lack of Civ War tactics showed and hindered. Made some fantastic rolls at key moments – both on the good end, and on the bad. The system itself was easy and quick – until we got into hand to hand when it seemed to bog down hard. Routing also was complicated as each unit within x inches had to also check and a unit might have to check multiple times. It could also cascade and I suppose it could cause an entire army to run. This is a game though that I think I’ll get the rules so when I get to con’s I know what I am doing. Great Great times.

Check out my facebook page for more photos from the event.

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