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40k: Imperial Guard – The Fallen



So I had this idea a while back that came from something I saw.  Some one somewhere on the interwebs had created an IG Conscript squad using beastmen from WHFB.  It looked really cool.  Then with all the Black Library reading I’ve been doing and the new IG Codex I thought “Hey wouldn’t it be cool to use those models somehow as well?”  So I started my fallen Imperial Guard army.  Now I know this is nothing new but the way I’m approaching it I think is pretty cool.  So my Veteran squads will all be kit bashed Catachan Jungle fighters and Warhammer beastmen.  From the picture above you’ll see it comes out not too bad.  Now my regular infantry will be kitbashed Cadian and Warhammer Zombies/Skeletons.  I’ve started working on a few of those.  My vehicles will be first constructed and painted like they would be but then I’m also going to add some gore and some pieces of the Warhammer zombie corpse cart to make it look like there are bodies everywhere.  In fact, the inspiration for my Valkrie is actually a Reaver from Serenity with the red and chains and dead bodies all over it.  Should be cool!  But first I had to see how the modelling and painting went.

So putting the models together wasn’t too bad, few kitbashing here and there and just making the guns and arms fit where they were supposed to in the beast bodies.  The catachan bodies with beast heads was pretty easy as well.  For this Veteran squad, I am fielding Vet Sgt Harkin and he has this special rule where he has his own heavy bolter and can fire and move with it.  To make him I actually used an old Necromunda Cawdor heavy bolter guy.  Since the higher the rank in my fallen army, the more mutated they will be I used some pieces from the chaos spawn sprue to give him a horned head and tail.  It would have been too hard to do much else as he is a metal model but my other Sergeants are plastic so have some cool mutated bits.  To top it off I tried a new base idea with lava + some cool basalt that I saw on Brian’s Necrons.  The result I think is pretty cool.

Game wise he adds infiltrate, scout, and move through cover to his squad.  Then I upgraded the squad to take snare mines and camo cloaks so now they have a 3+ cover save and if they are charged the enemy doesn’t get +1 attacks.  I then gave the squad another Heavy Bolter team, a vox, and 3 sniper rifles.  The idea for this squad, depending on mission and deployment, is to either forward scout into cover and use the 2 heavy bolters and 3 sniper rifles to do some good damage or have them hold an objective on my board edge while using the vox and orders to really throw out some shots.

My biggest concern is looking at the boxes and boxes of stuff I have to build and kitbash for this army, let alone paint.  My army composition includes a valkrie, 1 leman russ, 2 demolishers, 2 more vet squads with melta guns, one in a chimera, 35+ more common troops, sentinals and I want to do something for storm troopers but the metal ones are too hard to convert not to mention expensive.  I also have some WHFB Ogres for Ogryn, a Commisar Yarric who has a tentacle claw instead of his power claw and I have ratlings who while I won’t convert, with paint they look mutated enough.  If I’m lucky I’ll be able to field this right as the new Nid codex comes out and then have to focus back on them again LOL.


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