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In pursuit of the Wood Elves


The warhost of Nurgle took rest at the battle site and late in the evening scouts returned with news that the Wood Elves had regrouped on the edge of the forest.

The commander had ordered his troops to reform and move on through the night.  He would see his new foe destroyed again.

Early into the next his army had caught up to them by surprise at the edge of the forest and with little thought, launched the attack.

This battle went quick for the general.  He, some fast cavalry, and some hounds took up the left flank and sent all others off to the right.  Before he knew it though he was practically alone.  Arrow fire again slaughtered many and he had heard later that one of the other units was run down by a single elf, though it was also said that they were trying to bait the tree kin.

This battle was a disaster from the start it seemed.  The general will revisit this foe again and exact his vengeance.


So yeah, too much to do today so I wrote this pretty short.

I did make some changes to the list.  Dropped the Flails down in size, lost a couple of upgrades, but in the end picked up another unit of marauder horsemen.

This ended up as a complete disaster.  Both of us had some mediocre rolls at best and when I decided to ‘flee’ from a charge only to let his hero run me down anyway… that spelled the end in like turn 3.

Ah well, I think in the end though I will like he new changes to the list but I’ll have to give it another try first.

– end

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