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Beasts of Chaos Tactica, Lords and Heroes


So here we are, back for part 2, with a look at the leaders of the Beasts of Chaos army. Now there are not a lot of choices here, as opposed to Empire for example, but there are some notable mentions. First up is the Beastlord/Wargor (Lord and Hero respectively) entries, your standard fighting characters. They allow the army to Ambush, and have decent fighting stats for characters, not as good as Warriors of Chaos, but nothing to sneeze at either. Beastlords give a bit of a leadership boost, LD 8, and with this army every bit helps. Finally the Beastlord may choose to ride on a chariot, an option the Wargor does not have. Sorry for the quick rundown, but there isn’t too much to say with them.

Next up are the casters, the Great Bray-Shaman and Bray-Shaman. They have a bit more combat potential than other wizards but not much. Similar to above, they are close but not at good as their Warriors of Chaos counterparts. For lores they can use Beasts, Shadow, and Death along with Nurgle and Slaanesh if they choose to take the mark. A quick note, this book was back when the mark of Tzeentch couldn’t be applied to wizards but rather made fighting characters also wizards. The shamans allow your army to Ambush, and again the Great Bray-Shaman can ride a chariot while the Bray-Shaman cannot. Both shamans have the option to take a unique piece of equipment, the Braystaff. It can be used either as a greatweapon or give +2 to their armor save. Great when combined with Chaos armor giving the shaman a 2+ save.  Overall pretty standard casting characters however the low leadership, LD 7 for the Great Bray and LD 6 for the hero Shaman, does leave something lacking.

Next up is the Doombull, a heroic minotaur taken as a Lord choice. Aside from great combat stats, S and T of 5 with 5 attacks he also boasts a LD of 9 which is great. The downside of all this is that he’s pricey and he does not allow the army to Ambush.  Instead the Doombull allows Minotaur units to be taken as Core units rather than Special. He also can take magic items and marks of Chaos.

Last but not least is the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth Champion. Taking up a Lord and Rare slot and coming in at a base 295 pts, he’s a lot to commit to one model. But a hell of a model he is. About the same as a Doombull but with Move of 7 and 6 wounds and he although can’t take magic items, he causes Terror and is a large target. For the points I’d stick with the Doombull myself but it is an option.

Before I get into the magic items I just wanted to quickly go over the Marks of Chaos that these characters can get. They come with Mark of Undivided for free which also them to re-roll psychology tests. However they can buy one of the following:

Mark of Khorne: Frenzy and adds an additional dispel dice

Mark of Nurgle: Models gain +1 Wound and they now cause Fear if they didn’t already do so.

Mark of Slaanesh: Immune of Psychology, although when applied to a Shaggoth it grants Always Strikes First.

Mark of Tzeentch: For Beastlords it makes them a Lvl 4 Tzeentch wizard, for Wargors, Doombulls, and Shaggoths it makes them a Lvl 2 tzeentch wizard.

Sadly for magic items the Beasts of Chaos are lacking since they were supposed to also take from the old Hordes of Chaos book, which no longer exists. They have some cool items which I’ll list here: Slaugtherer’s Blade, great weapon that heals lost wounds on a 4+ for each wound they cause. Chaos Armor, 4+ save that shamans can wear and cast spells, sadly you can only have one. Crown of Horns, 5+ Ward plus +1 rally in addition to any other modifiers like a musician. Dark Heart, adds +d3″ to charge move (fun on a Beastlord riding a Chariot). Goretooth, gives Hatred and Bloodgreed (which I’ll cover with the minotaurs) and also forces the shaman to swap one of their spells for Bear’s Anger.

All in all the Beasts of Chaos characters are pretty fun. I think my next 2000+ higher game I’ll throw a Doombull in the mix with a Mark of Tzeentch with the Goretooth. Can you say 8 attacks at Strength 7 that rerolls hits? Oh yes, fun will be had and it’s cheaper than a Shaggoth too. 🙂

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  1. mpo89 permalink
    07/29/2009 2:20 pm

    Casters with 2+ saves? Very nice.

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