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They came from the woods, a Beasts of Chaos tactica. Introduction


Having spent a fair amount of time playing the Beasts of Chaos I decided to add to my thinking of them as an army in Warhammer Fantasy, the game of kings. So who are the BoC’s you ask? Well they’re the Children of Chaos, mutated beasts that walk like men, worshipping the dark gods in the shadowy depths of the worlds dangerous forests. They fight in unruly herds and bring with them all sorts of monsters and beasts to slaughter and kill simply for no reason other than it’s their nature. So in game terms, what does all this mean? Well you get access to one of the most unique units in the game, the beasts herd, lots of chariots, and a fair amount of big scary monsters, things like ogres, trolls, dragon ogres, chaos spawn, and chaos giants. Also the single defining feature of the Beasts of Chaos army is the Ambush rule. When I cover the Core units of the army I’ll go into more detail there and it’s uses.

So onto the pros and cons of the army:


  • Highly maneuverable, with a Movement of 5+, and your base infantry are skirmishers, you have the ability to dicate combat and have an easier time setting up flank/rear charges.
  • Good combat troops, with a base Toughness of 4 and usually getting 2 attacks each, even your baseline Gors are good in combat against lightly armored foes.
  • Core chariots, being able to fill your core choices with chariots should make any chariot fan happy.
  • Access to lots of fear causing units, having things like Trolls, Minotaurs, and Ogres help mitigate the effects that fear causing armies have on you.
  • The Ambush rule, this is a huge advantage against some armies, being able to get at enemy warmachines and threaten flanks safely is a great bonus to the force.
  • Various army builds out of the same book. You can make an ambush style army, a monster based army, or a speedy chariot shock force army all from the same list. So, if you value various styles of play from one army book, the Beasts of Chaos have it.


  • Lack of armor, the best save you can get from a non-magic item/non-character is 4+ from chariots and 3+ from hand weapon/shield wielding Ogres, everything else is worse.
  • Lack of static combat res, Beasts don’t have the ranked units, leadership, or armor to stay in protracted combats for long. Thankfully you have the tools to break units when you hit them.
  • Low leadership, some of their lords have good leadership, best is the Doombull with a 9. However they are expensive characters and can limit the army choices of play style. If you want to go with a magic heavy list, the best you’re going to get is a LD of 7. Not the best of prospects.  However this does mean that low leadership generals can operate away from the main battle lines not feel like they are unsupporting their troops.

Common good army matchups for the Beasts of Chaos are: Dwarfs, Empire, High Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs and Goblins. Generally anything that can have static shooting with warmachines that the ambushing units can get at easy.

Common bad army matchups are: Deamons of Chaos, Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings. Generally fear causing armies.

Of course these can vary based on army selection. For example, a Doombull led army of Khorne with lots of minotaurs would fair much better than an Great Bray Shaman led ambushing force against fear causing armies.

In part two of this tactica I’m going to go over the Lords and Heros section of the book along with the popular magic items they can get.

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