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WIP – WHFB – Night Goblin Spearmen


Well after playing a game of WHFB with Dan the other day I’m all gung ho on painting up my orcs and goblins.  The sad thing is looking up tactics online the most common thought for a winning army is “play anything but orcs and goblins”.  Hehe *sigh*.  Well I have about 4k points worth of orcs so I might as well get some play time out of them.  So first thing is the beloved Night Goblin spearmen block.  29 strong with shields, spears and nets.  Arranged 5 in front 6 deep with a space for the Night Goblin shaman character.  So 30 goblins + lvl 2 shaman and full command included.  About 380 points ~yeouch!  Ok so lets break down the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good – Well free models rock!  Fun little guys to paint, 30 guys strong with a giant block.  With spears they can attack with 2 ranks so 10 str 3 attacks + 1 champ.  So basically 10-12 dice needing 4s, then str 3 needing 4s again so probably roughly 3 wounds.  Not bad seeing how they will take a bunch back in return.  But with 6 ranks deep + standard and outnumber they come with a +5 combat res off the bat.  Oh and did I mention the 3 fanatics hiding inside the unit?  That’s 3d6 str5 armor piercing (-3 sv) hits before you get to hit the goblins.  Say goodbye to heavy cav or big blocks.  Add to that and they have nets.  On a 2+ the unit they attack has -1 str so most str 3 units will now need 3s to hit and 5s to wound helping to keep them around a bit more.  Of course rolling a 1 on the nets entangles the dumb gobbos hehe.  The goblin shaman is lvl 2 and also has a staff that steals one power die from the opponent and adds to my dispel pool.  So each turn with my orc shaman and goblin shaman I am casting at 6 dice, dispelling with 5 dice while the enemy is -1 die plus 2 dispel scrolls.  Should help keep them alive long enough to get the boyz in.

The bad – Umm Ld 5!  WTH!  So basically ANYthing bad happens and that 360 points is gone.  Now I’m going to attach them at the hip to the Black Orc general block with Ld 8 but still.  Can be pretty tough.

The Ugly – Can we say animosity?  Ok so every turn roll 1d6 for every unit.  Roll a 1 and they don’t do squat!  No charges, no magic, nothing!  How many times do I roll 1s?  Yeah exactly.  Animosity and Ld are the two biggest factors that make goblins horrible to play.  New codexes have immune to psyc units and terror and rediculous stuff like that.  So we’ll see how this goes.

Here are some pics of the WIP of the block getting painted.  Still have some ways to go and the custom movement tray with magnets is too thick so that will get redone.  The fanatics and shaman also need to be painted of course and a few face details on the models picked out.  All in all pretty fun little group to paint up.  Next will be the forest spider riders!!!  I love those models and they actually performed ok against Dan’s chaos puppies but I think they will end up being more my front line fodder/blockers or artillary harrassers depending on the army I play.  Hopefully I can get a game or two in this weekend before I’m gone for the week.



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