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The Cottage in the Forest


The Nurgle Warhost had regrouped to the north after its run in with the Orc Horde.  The forest grew thicker and made the march much more uncomfortable.  After several solid hours the scouts reported they had found a cottage in a small clearing.  They had dispatched the former occupants… but not before some other scouts had secretly spotted them.

A short march later and the warhost was at the clearing.  They found the cottage as promised but did not expect the wood elves lining the hill.  The general quickly barked out orders.  Light Horses and hounds to the left, the rest of the army take cover from those archers behind the thickets to the right.  Knights on the extreme right.

The elves opened up with a hail of arrows as the dryads and tree kin moved forward.  A giant tree broke free of its roots and marched forward towards the Marauder Horsemen and a Grand Banner flew across the battle field on the back of a great eagle.  A small band of war dancers leapt forth with a band of marauders in its sights.

As the knights marched forth, the forest began to move, and a large bottleneck had been created.  The Warriors, Marauders and Cavalry now all had to merge into the same area that Treekin and Dryads seemed to want for themselves.  Nurgles Sorcerer belted out a spell however underneath the treekin which swallowed one into the ground in whole.  The Marauders on the left managed to run past the treeman however were shot down by the archers on the hill.

The War Dancers managed to get aside their marauder foe yet they held strong and managed to eventually drive them off.  The Knights charged into the fray directing themselves at the treekin, followed up by the dryads and finally into the archers.  At this point the Giant Treeman had managed to make its way across the battlefield and finished off the now weary Knights.  Whether the rider on the great eagle charged the Marauders that had been kissed by Nurgle, or the other way about, the exalted one that led the unit issued forth a mighty challenge, slaying the elven banner bearer while the rest finished off the great bird.

The warhost had indeed been victorious this day and had made a bit of amends for its failings earlier.  New troops shall be mustered to this spot and this new clearing shall be their encampment for now… at least until the now burning cottage still glows.


Well, a solid victory for Nurgle and a fun game against Brian.  This report is a bit more vague I know but its been a few days now since the battle and with the events of yesterday, my mind is a bit fried.  Also looking back at an e-mail from Brian it seems I have a few of the events mixed up but oh well… I’m not going back to edit them… it’s how it happened in my head at least. *smile*

I was a bit worried about the bottle neck but the dice rolls seemed to favor me.  By all rights the marauders that the war dancers charged should have been wiped but I think one wound was all that was scored.

All and all though I think my setup was pretty solid.  I’m going to try dropping a bit to see if I can get in a second unit of fast cav so that I can try that the next time around.  I also need to begin giving names to some of the heros and such for future reports.  Perhaps even some photos.

— end

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  1. mpo89 permalink
    07/29/2009 4:37 pm

    I like your BR writing style. I have some notes on a game that I’m probably going to turn into a narrative-style BR like you have here. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    • dan1066 permalink*
      07/29/2009 7:11 pm

      Thank you. I chose to write out the reports more as a story for the main reason that I usually can’t remember all of the details anyway. What I really need to do is start naming some of the heros to give them some more life. When you write up yours, let me know where I can go check it out.

      Thanks for readin!

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