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Papa Nurgle awakes the Clan


Well, it is official and I now have two games from the new edition under my belt.  I know i has been far too long but its done, and I liked it.

The other night I dusted off the minis and began theorizing army lists and this is how it went.

First Encounter.

As the Warriors awoke from their long slumber and began their trek south in search of food and plunder, they crossed upon a small village which unknown to the townsfolk, was about to be crushed into history.  It appears as if an Ork Warhost showed up rather coincidentally at the same time with the same thoughts of its own.

Warriors flanked by Marauders, one unit of which had been kissed by Nurgle itself, made their way up the high road direct into town.  Some hounds had led the way to look for any sort of treat.  Marauder horsemen flanked out to the west (right) side of the town around a small hill, to try and get themselves a better view while the Knights clad in snow leopard cloaks held the east flank.  A small pack of hounds was let loose on the extreme east flank as well to try and get behind the village to chase down what they could.

Across the mists and past the few scattered buildings, laid an orc warhost.  A large Black Orc and his boyz growled angrily at the sight of the opposition.  They stood in the center of their ranks with a large unit of night goblins and their Shaman to their left.  Protecting the fields were four bolt throwers, two on either side.  Worse yet, the Orcs managed to get two set up on a nearby hill.  A unit of boar boyz was to the east while spider riders hid behind a forest to the west.  Lastly, a lumbering giant began tromping into the village, reigning destruction.

The orcs began their advanced slowly and unleashed the bolt throwers into the horde doing little… for now at least.  The Boar Boyz began a quick advance and went wide in the direction of the Dogs while the Giant saw the Knights and decided it was hungry.

The host of warriors and marauders rushed into the village.  The Knights knew what they must do and rode forth towards the lumbering beast while the fast cavalry galloped quickly around on the west flank.

More bolts flew across the field across the heads of the slowly advancing orcs.  This time finding homes in the flesh of the horde.  The Boar riders grew closer as did the Giant.  Nurgles host did much of the same and closed the gap between the two armies.

Yet again, more bolts flew but most missed their mark.  The Boar boyz wanted to lash out but it seemed that there was some dissent in the ranks.  The Spider riders moved into the woods in front of them, taking up a secure position.  The warhounds in the center of town suddenly turned to hunt down the spiders and the warriors turned left to fill their spot.   The other pack of warhounds was let loose and they went headlong into the Boar boyz though they would not last long against the Orcs.  The Knights made a thunderous charge forward against the Giant and sunk their weapons deep into its side.  One of their own did not live to see another day however.

In the center of town the Black orc warboss advanced his troops to near striking distance as did the shaman and his goblins.  Fanatics sprung forth from this unit and pounded into the chaos legion. One fanatic still stood between the warriors and the goblins… they had marched right into a bottleneck… and a trap.

The hounds and the other unit of marauders rushed after the spiders but alas they fled leaving the two units exposed to even more deadly bolts from the war engines.  The Knights had been able to bring down the giant but had paid the price.  The last few remaining were struck don by another bolt before being trampled by the now waiting boar boyz.

The two units in the center of town either broke, or were crushed by the Orc warlord and his troops as he called down the Waagh!  This spelled the end.  The only saving grace for Nurgle was that the Spider riders fled into the path of the Marauder horsemen which were able to dispatch the ten legged foes.

By sundown the remaining warriors of Nurgle had regrouped outside of town and had vowed to return to claim vengeance upon the unnamed Warboss.


Yeah, solid loss for Nurgle… probably even a major one at that.  I did fail to mention the magic of gork that rained down as well.  Alas, I shall have some revenge (and tweak the list a little.)  My main problem was the Bolt throwers.  Marching across the battle field took forever.  The secondary problem for me was sending the hounds against the spider riders.  I should have stayed on course and gunned for the artillery.

Alas – good game against Will and I’ll begin writing about Encounter number two, somewhere in a nearby forest.

– end

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