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Dan-O’s updates


I just wanted to throw out some updates from over the past week.

BattleLore – Played several games of BattleLore over the past week for the X-Cam and I really enjoy this game.  The first game was against Brian A. and though it was a loss it was still fairly close.  The Second game vs. Will was a solid win.  The third game vs Will however was epic.
I was ahead 5 out of 6 flags, and Will had but 3.  I had a Fireball set to go for the next turn which would have won me the game but that sneaky git did a Cavalry Charge, and it decimated 3 units in that turn winning him the game.  So close yet it all went horribly awry.
Sturmovik Commander – I found this great WW2 dog fight game a short while ago and for the longest time I have wanted to do something in this genre.  Brian A., Will and I tried it out yesterday and it was fantastic.  I had a few reservations on a couple of the rules but everything played very smooth.  We made a small list of game items which would help game play such as a dedicated movement ruler, range ruler, and Initiative token to name a few.  Look for more on this game soon.
Another game I have been looking to try is some form of historical skirmish game.  I have a couple I am looking at but in the meantime i’ve started to collect some 1/72 scale minis.  A couple weeks back I bought a box of Germans, and this week I found a great set of American GI’s by this company here.  These models are far superior and I can not wait to begin building and painting them.
Lastly, the only other game related item are the Bruins vs. Montreal playoff games.  What a series.  We’re up right now 2-0 and are playing in Montreal tonight.  As long as we can keep our heads together like we have been we’ll do great.
Good Luck B’s!

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