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Thoughts on collecting "the" 40k army continued…


So after some thinking in the privious post I’ve narrowed down my “legacy army” to either Eldar, Space Marines, or Chaos Space Marines. They all have great minis (all having by products of the sculpting god Jes Goodwin) with good flexible lists that should satify my occasional urge to do something different.
So, as promised, here are the three badly photo’d test minis for the three contenders. The eldar farseer of craftworld somethingorother, the Reaper Legion chaos marine, and the vet. sarge of the Warforged Chapter of space marines.
So one thing I think is important is variety. Being able to paint something different from time to time just to break up the monotiny will help keep me sane. The more I think about this the less it looks good for the space marines. In keeping with a uniform color scheme, I only get a chance to break apart would be techmarines and apothacaries. Even so these would only be in limited number and I fear it won’t give me much of a vacation from painting up the rest of the force. Granted I think the quartered steel and blue looks slick, I just don’t want to paint that much of it. Atleast with the chaos marines and eldar I can paint up some aspect warrior squads and cult units to give myself a break from time to time.
So between Eldar and the Chaos Marines, the next thing I think of is paint styles. Mainly Eldar work with a clean crisp style, and the Chaos Marines works also but even with some things like weathering and battle damage lets me try out some new painting techniques. Plus I can really have fun with the chaos vechiles. I’ve seen some really nicely done Eldar with lots of rust at this years Adepticon and while they look nice, it seemed out of place to me.
Lastly, I would think of conversions. Here the chaos marines really shine over the eldar in my opinion. I was toying around for the eldar of making a new aspect warrior squad based on lions to replace howling banshees but after that, I think my main conversion challenge would be making warlocks and farseers on jetbikes.
The more I’m thinking about it, the more I think the chaos marines will work for me in the long term. This will actually be my third chaos army after having an Alpha Legion and Wordbearers armies. Guess third times the charm?
So Reaper Legion it is! Now to settle on a beginner 1000 pt. army list. I think Alex has my codex. Hmm this will require investigation as I can’t find it on my own.
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