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Flames of War – Battle Report


Alex and I played a 1750 point game of FoW tonight at the Game Castle.  Joe, the owner pretty much held the store open for us to finish.

First off, I got my extra bitz and Mortars so this weekend should see the re-basing of a couple of the teams and building of the mortars.
We played ‘Fighting Withdrawal’ and his American Mechanized company was the attacker and I was to defend a small town and surrounding areas.  (Need to learn to remember to bring a camera from now on.)
The objectives were set up evenly spread throughout the zone.  Left and right placed by the attacker and the center placed by the defender.  The defending Canadians dug everyone in prior to the start.  The town, and an objective to the east was defended by an anti-tank platoon, a rifle platoon, and a couple of Bofors.  The West flank saw machine gunners, heavy mortars and some commando’s.  The center was defended by another rifle platoon and a stray bofor looking for some action.
The americans sent many troops at us and got a bit bottle necked to the west.  The troops on the East dismounted just outside of town and continued on foot while the american artillery pounded down on the canadians forcing their heads to sink further into their fox holes.
Eventually his Shermans broke through and the battle to the West was well under way.  the mini soldiers traded several blows but in the end the Canadians did not hold and their lines were broken.
Next battle, Alex and I are going to switch sides on the same scenario and I will let you know how that goes.
I think in the end my set up was fairly solid and a couple of unfortunate die rolls on my part and fortunante ones on his part lost me the game.  Ohh, and learning the proper rules for Ambushing 3 Churchill’s could have helped a bit.  That being said though, it was a great game and hard fought by Alex.
Look forward to the next one.
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