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Flames of War


After a long hiatus, Alex, Chris, and I have been playing Flames of War on a more regular basis.  We’ve been playing smaller games which is a bit refreshing as my Canadian Infantry Company had become a bit stagnant.

It looks like I’ll need to get a package of Heavy Mortars.  They really seemed to provide much needed support.
I also need to get another Bofor AA gun, even though they didn’t seem to help too much, they require 3 and alas I have only 2.
I have a couple of special order parts on the way to upgrade my Universal Carriers into MMG Carriers, as well as a couple of extra PIAT teams.  I also need to re-base my machine gun teams as they are based the wrong way right now.  Perhaps that project I’ll start tonight.
Lastly, Will and I have been looking into paper terrain, buildings mostly, and we have stumbled across quite a few great items.  Look for a more concise list soon but check out this page here, about 1/2 way down the page.
I plan to build these in FoW scale (and 20mm for another project,) and hope to have them finished soon(ish.)
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